Manage your Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)

Parking permits

Renew a permit:

Please have your PIN number that you received with your recent renewal notification. If you have the required PIN, please select "Renew a permit" button above.

For information about PIN numbers please see

Apply for a new permit:

If you do not yet have documents with your Hammersmith & Fulham address on them you will be able to apply for a temporary parking permit. To apply for this parking permit online you must be registered for council tax at the permit address, hold a full valid driving licence and must not have an existing parking permit. This will be charged at the same rate as a full 12 month resident permit.

There will be no further charge when you upgrade your permit to a full 12 month resident permit. Temporary parking permits are issued for a period of 4 weeks and have a 2 week grace period after expiring giving you 6 weeks to provide documentary evidence showing your name and address. If you do not provide the required documentary evidence your parking permit will not be upgraded to a full parking permit. Refunds are not given for temporary parking permits.

For further information please read the evidence required (link opens in new page) for a full resident parking permit.

What you will need to continue

  • Photocard driving licence
  • A credit or debit card
  • Council tax document

If you have the required documents, please select "Apply for a new permit" button above.

If you are not registered for council tax in the borough you need to apply for a parking permit using our paper form, see

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